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Part of the experience and lifestyle of owning and riding a motorcycle is outfitting oneself with well-chosen personal motorclothes and other accessories. Big Pete's Cycle maintains a selection of very reasonably priced leather motorcycle jackets, chaps, vests and other useful items.

Riders find it convenient to have their bike servicing needs and riding accessory needs available in one location, and we rely on our customers to keep us informed about what they need and want.

Our in-house Display Area contains leather riding jackets,
chaps,vests, helmets, and other items and accessories

Motorclothes, Leathers, and Accessories

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Traditional leather
Riding Jacket

Sport-style  leather
Riding Jacket

Leather Vests

Leather Chaps
Sport shirts, sweat
shirts, pullovers


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Big Pete's Cycle
263 Colony Drive
Paducah, Kentucky 42001
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